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Community Participation Supports / Passport / Caregiver Respite

Community Participation Supports:

Community Participation Supports includes support for recreation, volunteering, and employment opportunities in your community. It also includes access to more structured programs, seniors programs, or life skills programs. When we meet with people, we can tell them about the programs available in their community.

Passport Program:

Passport is a funding program that helps adults with a developmental disability participate in their communities.

Goals of the Passport Program:

  • Promote independence
  • Increase community opportunities
  • Cover the cost of classes offered through a community centre or local school board, such as literacy, computer, or cooking classes;
  • Fees for educational programs designed for adults with a developmental disability;
  • Recreational programs (e.g., swimming lessons, camp fees);
  • Job preparation or work activities (e.g., hiring a support worker to help with on-the-job training or to act as a job coach at work);
  • Support needed to participate or volunteer in community activities or events (e.g., covering the cost of transportation, having a person go with you to provide support to participate);
  • Activities that help develop social skills, independent living, and personal management skils (such as learning how to do your banking, take public transit, or use the library.)
  • Assist young people in making the transition from school to the community
  • Enable caregivers access to supports for relief in their caregiver roles
  • Promote social inclusion and relationships


For more information on Passport, please go to program’s link at the Ministry of Community and Social Services’ website.


Reviewed: February/2018