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Confidentiality and Consent

DSO Central West Region maintains the confidentiality of a person’s file information. We seek consent before sharing information with other agencies (unless legally required to do so.) Some important things to know about our confidentiality and consent practices:

  1. We will typically ask a person to provide written consent before releasing application information to another service provider or agency. This includes health care providers, other DSO’s, or other organizations.
  2. Our consent forms typically remain valid until the person wants to withdraw/remove their consent, or closes their involvement with our agency.
  3. We cannot maintain confidentiality in certain situations. For example, if there was a serious safety risk to the person or others, we would need to contact emergency services. We are required to disclose indications of child abuse or neglect, as outlined within the Child and Family Services Act. We are also required to contact the police when there are indicators of possible abuse or neglect, as described within the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act. We also must release information when subpoenaed, or otherwise required by law.


Reviewed: February/2018