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Connecting with Private/For-Profit Service Providers


In addition to services and supports that are available from ministry-funded developmental service agencies, you may choose to seek services from a third party provider.



These private, or for-profit, providers are not funded by the government and therefore are not subject to ministry oversight, such as compliance inspections or service expectations that government-funded service providers must adhere to.


Information on third party service providers is made available to assist in making well-informed decisions about services and supports for adults with a developmental disability and should not be constituted as an endorsement of those services.


People with developmental disabilities, and/or their family or caregiver should connect directly with the service provider to understand and assess what’s being offered. The following factors should be considered when assessing a private/for-profit service provider:


  • The quality of the service

  • The associated service policies (e.g. insurance coverage, hiring practices)

  • Any associated fees

  • Whether the service provider and service are acceptable to them and/or meets their personal needs.


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For information about whether a service provider is government-funded, speak with your local Developmental Service Ontario office and/or the service provider.