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Passport News Letter

Feb 6, 2014

Social Capital refers to the relationships we all have and the ones we develop within our communities. It includes the natural supports we have such as family, friendships and acquantanceships with those around us.  Building on these relationships increases our social capital.  Think about all the pople we meet and how  interdependent on each other we are. 

The Passport Mentoring Program utilises social captial by bridging relationships based on commonalities and interests.  Matching a person with an expert and creating a place of belonging.

Let Passport Mentoring introduce you to interesting people who are doing work that appeals to your interests. Get inspired to imagine your own possibilities!

"Best results are often achieved well before you need a job, by consistently networking so that when you find yourself job hunting you have a large network to work with."

For more information contact: mentoring@communitylivingontario.ca

Eligibility to participate in this program:*Students enrolled in high school,14-21years of age and who have an intellectual disability.

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