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Talking about... Friendship

Jan 2, 2014

Looking for practical ideas to help your son or daughter find and keep friends? Or are you a self-advocate wanting to make new friends? Check out these great resources:

Tips for Building Friendships Article: http://www.bccpd.bc.ca/docs/community_footsteps3.pdf by Lauri Thompson of PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network). This excellent article gives 9 tips for making friends. Some of her ideas include: exploring your interests, visiting the same places frequently, and focussing on an individual's gifts. This article's worth printing off and posting on your fridge!

Best Buddies: http://www.bestbuddies.ca Want to meet and hang out with young adults who are in college or university? Best Buddies is an international organization that connects college and university students with adults who have developmental disabilities. They usually offer programs through local organizations. Contact your local DSOCWR office to find your nearest chapter.

Ebuddies: http://www.ebuddies.org is offered by Best Buddies International. Here's a great, safe way to make a new friend online. E-buddies offers email friendships between individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities (IDD) and peers who do not have an IDD. Each participant is matched with a friend with similar interests. Matched pairs exchange emails once a week for at least one year. For more information and an online application, see their website.

iBelong! http://www.ibelong.ca by L'Arche Canada is an innovative, online resource about friendships and relationships. The site has videos, information sheets, and ideas for self-advocates, families, and educators.

For self-advocates: Check out the Young Adult Section of iBelong at http://www.ibelong.ca/index.php/young-adults Watch videos and read stories about finding friends, planning get-togethers, and dating. Also, check out the quizzes and information sheets about staying safe when alone and when with friends.

For families: See the Families Section of iBelong at http://www.ibelong.ca/index.php/families for video interviews with parents who are helping create friendships for their sons and daughters. Hear (and read) their real-world advice on issues such as: creating support circles, dating, and paying companions. A wealth of real-world advice from parents.

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