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When a Vacancy Occurs (or Funding Becomes Available)

When a vacancy or opportunity occurs in a residential, community participation support, or other developmental services program, the agency lets the DSO know. The DSO can then consider individuals who are interested in accessing that service.

The agency identifies the program and the kinds of support that can be provided. The DSO will then review the needs of people on the registry who have requested that service. Then their information will be shared with the agency. Individuals who are considered "in urgent need" are identified as a priority (if the individual's needs and goals can be met within that program).

Informatio is then shared with the service provider. They will contact the individual or their family to provide information about the program. They will typically meet with the person to obtain more detailed information about their needs etc. Then a decision can be made about whether to proceed with the placement. The agency will let the DSO know when a decision has been made.


Reviewed: February/2018